Are you a shift worker? Do you need to track your hours and $ earned? If so, this is a must have app for you!

Know exactly when your next shifts are, track your hours worked, and how much you’ve earned.

Here are just some of the many features in Shift Work Organizer:

- Easily enter your shifts details. Include your start and end times, your hourly rate and other pay (including tips). Shift Work Organizer will capture all of these details and let you know how many hours you’ve worked and how much you’ve earned.
- Tag your shifts with colors and easily see them plotted on a calendar. From a birds eye glance, you’ll know your entire month’s shift schedule. If you need more details, you can click on a calendar day and easily get more details.
- Create shift templates so that you can easily add new shifts using previous data you’ve entered. Never enter the same data twice.
- Run reports to get more detailed data, including charts and statistics
- And much, much, more

Download Shift Work Organizer and take control of your shift work schedule today.